July 29, 2019

What do you do if you experience sharp shooting pain in your tooth? When it comes to tooth pain especially one that’s unexplainable and unbearable, the most logical thing to do is to call your Top Port St Lucie Dentist immediately. Yes, tooth pain can happen unexpectedly. One day you’re okay and then the next you’re tormented all because of a toothache. What are the possible factors that contribute to tooth pain? Let’s find out.

Cavity Or Tooth Decay

The number one cause of toothache is tooth decay. A person is more prone to developing cavities if he or she has poor oral hygiene. You see, cavities form when sugary foods mix with your saliva. This combination will eventually eat away your tooth. When cavities are not treated right away and if the patient continues with his or her lifestyle, it will soon develop into a toothache that will, later on, escalate into an infection and then tooth loss.

An Abscessed Tooth See A Top Port St Lucie Dentist

An abscessed tooth occurs when the infection has already spread around the root or if it has reached the end of the tooth root. Usually, patients who suffer from abscessed tooth complain of swollen gums and severe pain. If you experience unexplained darkening of your gums, a throbbing pain that persists despite taking painkillers and swelling around the toot then it means you need to call your dentist immediately.

Gum Disease

Are you aware that around 65 million Americans are diagnosed with gum disease? The most common type is gingivitis. Gum disease is a result of poor dental hygiene that has led to the buildup of plaque. Over time, the accumulation of plaque along the gumline will irritate your gums causing bleeding, pain, and swelling. If left untreated it can lead to tooth loss.

Looking for a Top Port St Lucie Dentist?

Toothache can be prevented as long as you see your Top Port St Lucie Dentist regularly. At Tradition Dental we have four doctors that each has over 35 years’ experience. Our doctors are highly trained in cosmetic dentistry, specializing in implant dentistry and in general dentistry. We specialize in dentures, single teeth implants, all-on-four with implants for complete mouth reconstructions, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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