Teeth in a Day Port St Lucie | Facts About Teeth in a Day You May Not Know

Teeth in a Day Port St Lucie | Facts About Teeth in a Day You May Not Know

If you’re looking to find a revolutionary treatment that’s perfect for people who are going from having no teeth at all to fully fixed in teeth in just a single visit, you’ll need to consider getting teeth in a day Port St Lucie. In case you’re wondering, teeth in a day is a dental procedure where the dentist takes dental implants and attach fully fixed teeth to them on the same day.

How are Teeth in a Day Different from Dentures?

Most people wonder if teeth in a day are exactly the same as a denture except that they’re screwed in. The truth is, both are very different from each other in so many ways. There are two parts to the denture that aren’t present in teeth in a day – the flange that covers under the lip and extends the denture so that it becomes supported. Another area is the palate – this seal that goes around the entire upper part of your mouth to provide suction and additional support.

What are its Advantages Over Dentures?

While dentures can sometimes feel fake and unnatural, teeth in a day feel and function like your real teeth. When it comes to your chewing ability, it may be compromised with dentures but with teeth in a day, you’ll experience strong and stable chewing. Furthermore, dentures may need to be relined or remade but teeth in a day promise long-term success.

Looking for Teeth in a Day Port St Lucie?

Unlike dentures, teeth in a day don’t need any special adhesive to keep it from slipping because it’s the careful placement of the implants and the screws that actually hold it in place. If you think you might be a great candidate for teeth in a day Port St Lucie, talk to us at Tradition Dental Group, and we’ll let you know.

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