Port St Lucie Dentist | How to Keep Your Dentures in Great Shape

Port St Lucie Dentist | How to Keep Your Dentures in Great Shape

Whether you have complete or partial dentures, giving them the proper care that they deserve is necessary for both the health of your dentures and yours. Although we’re sure that your Port St. Lucie Dentist has given you the instructions that you need to keep your dentures in top shape, we’ve rounded up a list of points to help you refresh your memory.

Clean Them Every Day

Brush them daily but remember to skip the toothpaste because their abrasiveness can potentially cause microscopic scratches where food particles and plaque can possibly build up. Use a denture brush with soft bristles and water as you brush its surfaces. Make sure that you won’t bend the attachments while doing so. Rinse them with water in between brushings and after every meal. 

Handle Them with Care

It’s best to stand over a sink full of water or a folded towel in it when you handle your dentures so that you’ll avoid breaking them if they should fall into the sink. You may use cool water or a specialized denture cleaner for soaking when you’re not using them to keep them from drying out or losing their shape. Take note that if your dentures have metal clasps in them, the soaking solution may tarnish these attachments. Never place soak them in hot water unless you want them to warp.

Remove Them Every Night 

This rule applies to both complete and partial dentures. You’ll need to take them off before you sleep at night to give the gum tissue beneath your dentures a chance to rest. However, if you can’t manage to do this, make sure that you’ll give them a 6 to 8-hour break at another time of day. You’ll need to remember the points we mentioned above and do them so that they’ll maintain their look and their shape.

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