April 30, 2019

If you believe that having strong gums and teeth is the key to achieve excellent overall health and a confident smile, then you’ll probably agree that replacing missing or damaged teeth with Florida dental implants is the right thing to do. A dental implant is a titanium post that’s anchored into your jaw bone. Over time, this titanium post merges with the bone.

They Perfectly Match Your Existing Teeth

Since Florida dental implants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, the dentist won’t have a hard time designing and matching yours with your natural teeth. No one will have to know that you’ve got some dental work done.

They Prevent Bone Loss

Bone mass in your jaw gets lost when a tooth is lost. In case you’re not aware, the jawbone needs to be stimulated by a tooth in order to maintain its mass. Compared to other tooth replacement options, only Florida dental implants can offer jaw bone stimulated.

They Don’t Shift or Slip

Unlike dentures that may shift or slip while you’re laughing, speaking or eating in public, Florida dental implants are firmly anchored in place.

They Support Your Adjacent Teeth

A missing tooth causes a gap to form in your mouth as its adjacent teeth move to shift positions that would eventually lead to misalignment. On the other hand, Florida dental implants can help you maintain a straight smile as they fill the gap.

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Do You Need More Information About Florida Dental Implants?

Your healthy smile is a sign of a strong body. If you want to know more about the benefits that Florida dental implants can offer, get in touch with Tradition Dental Group today to set up an appointment.

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