April 26, 2019

An injury to your teeth and/or gums can potentially lead to serious problems. Therefore, this should not be ignored. Prompt emergency dental care Port St Lucie should be received in the event of a dental health crisis. However, what happens when you can’t get an appointment quickly? It pays to know what to do while waiting to see your dentist. Here are some tips for common dental emergencies:

Your Face Swells Up

This could indicate a serious dental infection that could be potentially life-threatening. You’ll need to see a dentist right away. Drink plenty of water because dehydration can cause further complications. Stay upright and never lie flat while you’re sleeping.

A Tooth Got Knocked Out

Even if the tooth is re-implanted within the hour that it got knocked out, the need for a root canal would still be possible. While waiting to get emergency dental care Port St. Lucie, pick up the tooth by the crown and not by its pointy end (root). When you damage the root tissue by touching it, you’ll decrease your chances of having your actual tooth re-implanted. If you’re an adult, try placing it back in the socket making sure that you position it the right way without touching the root. See a dentist within an hour.

Bleeding from the Mouth

Whether it’s an acute or chronic condition, bleeding from the mouth isn’t normal. When you’ve recently had a tooth extraction and you won’t stop bleeding, you’ll need emergency dental care Port St. Lucie. When your gums bleed while flossing, see your dentist right away because this indicates gum disease. When there’s continuous bleeding the night after a dental procedure, call your dentist and keep your mouth above your heart at all times, even while you sleep.

where are the best emergency dental care port st lucie? 

Where to Get Emergency Dental Care Port St Lucie

If you need emergency dental care Port St Lucie, call Tradition Dental as soon as possible. Our highly-skilled and experienced doctors will go above and beyond to preserve your health and your smile.

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