Dental Discount Offers

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Our goal is to offer excellent care at an affordable cost so you can get the dental care you need. For those coming to our practice for the first time, we encourage you to browse through this page, where we have supplied important details regarding your visit. From accepted insurance and payment options to downloadable new patient forms, we hope you find the information you’re looking for. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

Insurance & Financing

Our team is committed to offering the highest quality of dental care with affordable treatments and services. If you have dental insurance from one of our accepted providers – Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Delta, Guardian, Humana, MetLife, or United Healthcare – we can prepare the necessary forms when you come in for your appointment to ensure you receive the appropriate coverage.

Regarding the payment for your visit, we accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you are interested in making the cost of your treatment more manageable, our team offers to finance in the form of CareCredit®, which involves a 12-month payment plan with 0% interest if paid in full.

Veteran’s Discount

Tradition Dental offers a 10% OFF military discount on regularly priced Dental Implants for active duty, retired military, and reservists. Patients are required to show a valid government-issued military ID card to redeem this offer.

VIP Dental Discount Program

Join the Tradition Dental VIP Dental Discount Program and Start Saving Up to 65% Today

Quality dental care doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you are looking for affordable dentistry in South Florida and the Treasure Coast, you will find it at Tradition Dental. Tradition Dental’s VIP Dental Discount Program provides savings on dental services at all of our locations. It’s affordable dentistry at its finest.

Dental care can be expensive, especially when you don’t have dental insurance. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable dentistry, which is why we offer our patients the Tradition Dental VIP Discount Program. By enrolling for a low annual fee, patients can save up to 65% off all general and cosmetic dentistry, including fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures, as well as periodontal therapy, endodontic treatments, wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, orthodontic treatment, and more. VIP Members can also receive examinations, X-rays, oral cancer screenings, and two dental cleanings (healthy or periodontal) at no additional charge.

One of the most reasonable discount dental plans in Florida, the VIP Discount Program is ideal for patients without insurance, those who have exhausted their annual dental insurance benefits, and those who seek discounts on cosmetic dental treatments not covered by dental insurance.

Enrolling in Tradition Dental’s VIP Discount Program is easy. Simply enroll in person at our office or with one of our friendly Patient Service Team members over the phone. Then enjoy receiving discounts on all dental treatments and procedures.

Here is what makes the Tradition Dental VIP Discount Program the most comprehensive discount dental plans in Florida. As a Tradition Dental VIP Member, you will be entitled to all of the following benefits:

  • Discounted fees on most dental treatments we offer in our South Florida dental offices.
  • No referrals, pre-approvals, or authorization required.
  • No waiting period for any services; all discounts are available immediately.
  • No limits, maximums, or excluded treatments.
  • No insurance claims, paperwork, or hassles.
  • Same-day care for true dental emergencies.
  • No charge for second opinions.
  • A team that REALLY CARES about its patients and their dental health.

Discounts on General and Cosmetic Dental Procedures

All members are entitled to highly discounted fees on all general and cosmetic dentistry. Below are fees for some of the most common procedures.

Unlisted procedures covered by the program are discounted 25% off Usual and Customary Rates.

Membership is $189 individual and $379 for a family of up to four (some restrictions apply) 

D0120Periodic Oral Evaluation$0$61
D0140Limited Oral Evaluation – Problem Focused$0$91
D0150Comprehensive Oral Evaluation$0$107
D0210Intraoral – Radiographic Image$0$159
D0270Bitewing – Radiographic Image$0$64
D0330Panoramic Radiographic Imag$0$135
D1110Prophylaxis – Adult$0$110
D1208Topical Application of Fluoride – Excludes Varnish$25$46
D1351Sealant – Per Tooth$54$60
D2330Resin-Based Composite One Surface, Anterior$163$200
D2391Resin-Based Composite One Surface, Posterior$175$217
D2740Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Subrate$1,104$1,380
D2750Crown – Porcelain Fused to High Noble Metal$1,080$1,350
D3120Pulp Cap – Indirect (Excludes Final Restoration)$85$100
D3310Endodontic Therapy, Anterior Tooth$725$900
D3320Endodontic Therapy, Bicuspid Tooth$823$1,028
D3330Endodontic Therapy, Molar (Excludes Final Restoration)$997$1,246
D4341Periodical Scaling and Root Planting – 4+ Teeth Per Quadrant$100$304
D4346Scaling With Moderate to Severe Inflammation – Full Mouth$240$300
D4355Full Mouth Debridement$0$215
D4910Periodontal Maintenance$0$166
D7140Extraction, Erupted Tooth or Exposed Root$171$213

NOTE: With the exception of confirmed bookings – Prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment Policy

Given the substantial discounts offered under the VIP Program, Traditional Dental strictly requires that: (a) all fees must be paid in full at the time each treatment/procedure is performed except for procedures requiring multiple appointments (such as crowns, bridges, and dentures). A minimum of 75% of the total fee must be paid when the procedure is started and the balance must be paid in full prior to completion of the procedure, or final cementation or delivery of the case, and (b) all appointments scheduled for 1 1/2 hours or more with any dentist or hygienist and all appointments (other than consultations) with a specialist require a deposit of 10% of the total fee for the scheduled procedure(s). The patient’s failure to provide at least 48 hours advance notice of cancellation of any appointment for any reason will result in a broken appointment fee and forfeiture of any deposit paid for the scheduled procedures. Finally, Tradition Dental reserves the right to deny all benefits and treatment under the VIP Program and/or suspend or terminate a patient’s membership without notice if the patient’s account becomes delinquent at any time. Except as stated in this paragraph, Traditional Dental’s standard terms and conditions of service set forth in the Patient Registration Form and on its website at shall apply. Membership fee is payable in full upon joining the program and is non-refundable once any discount treatment is performed or other benefits are provided or after 30 days of purchase.


Discounts under this program shall not apply to any treatment started prior to enrollment or after membership expires, nor to any treatment paid in whole or part by insurance. No insurance benefits or any other discount offer (including the All-Inclusive Braces Program) may be combined with this program. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT DENTAL INSURANCE AND IS ONLY VALID at Tradition Dental.

Pricing for the most affordable discount dental plans in Florida includes:

  • Annual Membership FEES: Adults $189 per year, $359 per year for Family Plan (includes up to four family members living in the same household). Includes all fee discounts and other benefits described above plus TWO NO-CHARGE Prophylaxis Cleanings (D1110), Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings (D4910) OR Initial Full-Mouth Debridement (D4355) per enrollment year.

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